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Title page from "Apuntes para la fauna Puerto-Riqueña."
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Catalogue of the birds of Costa Rica, indicating those species of which the United States National Museum possesses specimens from that country from "Proceedings of the United States National Museum, v.8"
Title page of "Synopsis Piscium"
Papilio oviedo and Papilio cresphontes plate from "Repertorio fisico-natural de la isla de Cuba."
Thorny tinselfish (Grammicolepis brachiusculus) from "Poey's ichthyological memoirs."
Hutia Carabali (Capromys) plate from "Memorias sobre la historia natural de la isla de Cuba, acompañadas de sumarios latinos y extractos en frances, por Felipe Poey."
Gymnothorax virescens and Gymnothorax flavoscriptus plate from "Enumeratio piscium Cubensium."
Amphonyx duponchel plate from "Centurie de lépidoptères de l'île de Cuba."
Thorny tinselfish (Grammicolepis brachiusculus), Poey's ichthyological memoirs. Biodiversity Heritage Library.